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June: Eyeo and DRS

It's a conference crawl! In June, Leanne and I will be attending back-to-back conferences, The Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis and DRS 2014 in Umea, Sweden.

Eyeo has an incredible list of speakers discussing (and teaching) creative code, data visualization, art tech, and more. A few of my current heroes will be there: Evelyn Eastmond, Libs Elliott, Fernanda ViƩgas, Giorgia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec, Imogen Heap, Jer Thorp, Kyle McDonald, Kim Rees, Lauren McCarthy, and Robert Hodgin, to name a few. Of course, I can't wait to discover the rest. Oh, and we'll be arriving to Eyeo by an overnight train, so lots of time to peruse the schedule and speaker list.

DRS 2014 is held by the Design Research Society. Leanne and I will be presenting a co-authored paper there (see previous blog post). The list of speakers at DRS is extensive. Good thing we will have 20 hours of daylight in this northern community to take advantage of everything the week has to offer ;)