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Alberta Climate Records

Alberta Climate

Alberta Climate Records presents climate trends and means for the province of Alberta. The project provides public access to the climate data analyzed by the Kienzle Lab at the University of Lethbridge, led by Dr. Stefan W. Kienzle, Professor of Hydrology and GIS. The latest dataset is made up of over 20 million observed climate records between 1950 and 2017 and climate projections for 3 future scenarios between 2041 and 2070 at 6,834 locations across Alberta. The data reveal drastic changes that are already taking place in our province and what the average climate might be like in the future. 

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Prior to developing Alberta Climate Records website (above), the temperature dataset from Dr. Stefan Kienzle was the basis for my Master's Thesis research project. The infovis series created a narrative around the data, which reveals changing temperature trends over 60 years, to answer the questions: what is our current understanding of the natural landscape of the region? How does 60 years fit into the anthropogenic history in the region? And what are the effects of this change?

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