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Past Present Future

Past Present Future

Collaborators: Kathleen Sheppard (Environment Lethbridge), Tyler Stewart
Funding: Alberta Culture and Tourism - Alberta Canada 150 grant fund.

Produced in collaboration with Environment Lethbridge, Past Present Future explores 150 years of changes to Lethbridge’s natural environment. The project looks at our relationship with water, parks, wildlife, waste, energy, and food, weaving together archival materials with current statistics and realities in Lethbridge. It also invites the public to speculate about our environment in the Future: what new water policies will we have? What species will be extinct? What will our parks look like?

The site design organizes the content into a modular grid that enables the user to move through themes and time periods by following the connecting lines. Using the new CSS Grid layout specification, each section has its own arrangement to balance the unique set of materials in the space and adapts for various screen sizes or devices.
The Past Present Future exhibition, designed by Tyler Stewart, was on display at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre from September 18 - November 5, 2017.

CSS Grid
node.js + express
Pivotal Web Services

Design Process mockups: