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Collaborators: Kathleen Sheppard (Environment Lethbridge), Cheryl Bradly, Lorn Fitch, and Braum Barber (SAGE), Tyler Stewart, Jackie Doherty, Taelynn Graham, Kiri Stolz, Dafne Carrasco

Produced in collaboration with Environment Lethbridge, WasteLess brought together local activists and creatives with an interest in environmental issues to create an engaging educational website on the impact of waste disposal in Lethbridge. Lethbridge's per capita waste is among the highest in Canada, and is well above the provincial, national, and OECD average. It is also one of the last cities in Alberta without curbside recycling. The website makes the case for waste reduction in Lethbridge through an animated tour of Lethbridge’s "trashy" secret. To get beyond the numbers and leave a lasting impression, we juxtapose Lethbridge's yearly waste with the size of large local landmarks and show how diverting or avoiding commonly tossed items can add up to make a big impact. The overall message -we can do better, and we must do better.

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still from Waste in YQL
Still from "Waste in YQL"

Waste in YQL

Waste in YQL tells the story of Lethbridge's relationship with waste, starting the old Nuisance dumping grounds in the coulee followed by current statistics for waste per capita and the quantity of recyclables and compostables in our landfill. Although the facts aren't pretty,  that last section features playful infographics and links to resources to show how small actions add up to make positive change.

Illustration: Kiri Stolz (BFA - New Media ’15)
Development/Animation: Taelynn Graham (BFA - New Media ’16)
Writing: Kathleen Sheppard, Cheryl Bradly, Braum Barber, Tyler Stewart, Kiri Stolz, Taelynn Graham


Social Media Ads

Leading up to the launch of the site, Environment Lethbridge ran a series of ads to build interest. Pulling from the illustrations featured in Waste in YQL, we again juxtaposed iconic Lethbridge landmarks with our lingering waste problem. 

Following the launch, we posted a series of trivia questions to draw people into the site to find out the answers. 


To coincide with the launch of the website, we asked people to make a pledge related to reducing, reusing, recycling, and/or composting. They would then receive a button matching their pledge and were encouraged to post to social media.